Eurovision 2023: The betting odds after the first week of rehearsals

Eurovision 2023: The betting odds after the first week of rehearsals
Saturday, 06 May 2023

  • We are in the middle of rehearsals for the competing countries in the semi finals and the grand finalists with the first impression having a significant impact on the betting odds board.

    A total of 31 countries are competing in this year's semi final shows , 15 in the 1st semi final and 16 in the second show. All of them have completed their first rehearsal over the previous days, with the first impressions affecting some countries positively and others negatively. 

    Here is how the bookies' predictions have developed: 

    The top 10 places

    According to the latest Eurovision Song Contest betting odds, the winning chances have changed following the first rehearsals. Sweden and Loreen is still in the lead with a 38% chance of winning, followed by Finland with Käärijä with a 24% chance, solidifying their position as a strong contender. La Zarra from France has a 9% chance of winning, having climbed up to third place following their impressive first rehearsal, while Ukraine's TVORCHI has a 6% chance of winning and has fallen to fourth place. Spain and Blanca Paloma is still in fifth place with a 4% chance of winning. 

    The latest Eurovision Song Contest betting odds also provide insight into which countries are likely to place in the rest of the top ten. In sixth place is Alessandra from Norway with a 3% chance of winning, followed by Israel and Noa Kirel in seventh place with a 2% chance. Italy's Marco Mengoni is in eighth place with a 2% chance of winning as well, while Teya & Salena Austria follows closely in ninth place with a 1% chance. Rounding out the top ten is the United Kingdom's Mae Muller with a 1% chance of winning. These countries have all shown strong performances in the first rehearsals, but as always, the competition is unpredictable and anything can happen on the night of the event. Nonetheless, these odds provide a good indication of which countries are currently in the running to place highly in the competition.



    Places 11 to 20

    Near the top 10 places are the Armenia's Brunette , Vesna from Czechia and Australia's Voyager. The rest countries following in the places 14- to 20 might gain a place or two but seem to have no potential in entering the top. And it 's remarkable if you take into account that among them are countries like Slovenia ( Joker Out) and Serbia (Luke Black) which are quite popular on social media and in a lot of fan-made top 10's. 

    Here is how thew betting odds board looks like for the places 11 to 20: 

    11 20odds2023


    Places 21 to 37

    Here are the rest places in bookies' predictions for places from 21 to 37: 

     21 37odds2023


    The overall impression

    The first week of rehearsals contributed in stabilizing the top 10 countries that stood out with their first two on stage perfromances. The following hours we will see slight changes within the top 10. Moreover, Sweden and Finland seem to be the hot favorites at the moment.

    The two semi final shows are the next factors to have the final impact on the betting odds board. Depending on which countries will make it to the final eventually and how the already top 10 countries will deliver in the following shows are parameters that could play a decisive role on how the betting odds will develope.

    For us keep a close look to two more countries that we think that can work as dark horses in the race, these are France and Israel especially the second seems to show potential for further elevation in the odds. 


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