Italy: First eight Sanremo Giovani 2023 finalists determined

Italy: First eight Sanremo Giovani 2023 finalists determined
Sunday, 12 November 2023

  • The first eight finalists of the Sanremo Giovani 2023  that will compete in the final show on December 19 have been determined. 

    The Musical Commission formed of Amadeus, Federica Lentini, Leonardo De Amicis and Massimo Martelli via auditions came down to the first  eight finalists that will be taking part in the Sanremo Giovani final. 

    Namely the first set of finalists are:

    • bnkr44 – “Effetti speciali”
    • Clara – “Boulevard”
    • Grenbaud – “Mama”
    • Jacopo Sol – “Cose che non sai”
    • Lor3n – “Fiore d’inverno”
    • Santi Francesi – “Occhi tristi”
    • Tancredi – “Perle”
    • Vale –  “Stronza”


    The rest four finalists to complete the line up will be determined by the Area Sanremo competition. The 12 acts will compete on the final show of Sanremo Giovani on December 19, with the top three acts earning their way to the 74th edition of Sarenmo Festival. The results will be determined by the Artistic Director and Musical Commissions who each have a 50% contribution to the outcome. 


    Italy in Eurovision 

    Italy has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 48 times since making its debut at the first contest in 1956.  After a 14-year absence from 1998 and on, the country returned to the contest in 2011. Italy has won the contest twice  in 1964 with Gigliola Cinquetti and her song “Non ho l’età”.  Italy’s second victory in the contest came in 1990 with Toto Cutugno and the song “Insieme: 1992”.

    Italy’s come back to the contest has proved to be very successful, the country having finished in the top ten in eight times of the last decade (2011–2021), with Raphael Gualazzi second in 2011, Nina Zilli ninth in 2012, Marco Mengoni seventh in 2013 and Il Volo third in 2015, Francesco Ghabbani 6th in Kiev, In 2018  Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro, achieved an honorable 5th place while in 2019 Mahmood with 'Soldi' came second in Tel Aviv.  

    In 2020 Diodato might have won the Sanremo festival with 'Fai Rumore' but unfortunately didn't have the chance to perform in Rotterdam as the contest was cancelled de to the coronavirus pandemic. In 2021 the rock band Maneskin won Saremo 2021 and went on representing the nation on Rotterdam where they triumphed with their song 'Zitti e Buoni' bringing the 2022 contest to Italy. On home grounds the duo Mahmood & Blanco represented the nation with their Sanremo 2022 winning song 'Brividi', finishing in the honorable 6th place. 

    This year Marco Mengoni made a comeback on the Eurovision stage (after 2013) with the song 'Due Vite' which came 4th in the Grand final scoring 350 points. 

    News Source: Eurovoix 

    Image: Sanremo Giovani