Eurovision 2024: Netherlands' Joost Klein disqualified from contest; What will happen with the Voting process

Eurovision 2024: Netherlands' Joost Klein disqualified from contest; What will happen with the Voting process
Saturday, 11 May 2024

  • The Dutch Eurovision 2024 representative, Joost Klein, has been officially disqualified from this year's contest.

    The deama in this year's Eurovision Song Contest is ongoing. As if we didn't havve enough drama from the arguement around the Israeli participation in this year's edition the incident between the Dutch hopeful and a female member of the production crew brought along the cherry on top of the cake of drama! 



    The Story so far

    The whole story regarding Joost began after his no-show up during the first dress rehearsal yesterday open to the media in Malmo Arena. His absense was enough to cause ongoing speculations and rumors flooding the social media on what had really happened. 

    The EBU just before the Jury Show rehearsal last evening confirmed an incident between the Dutch act and a female production crew member that was under investigation and as that was in progress they decide to use  Joost's semi-final 2 taped performance! 

    Grand final show today and the EBU returned with a new annoucement which clearly disqualified Joost from today's Grand final show that will continue with 25 competing entries. The EBU's annoucement reads as follwowing: 

    The Dutch artist Joost Klein will not be competing in the Grand Final of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

    Swedish police have investigated a complaint made by a female member of the production crew after an incident following his performance in Thursday night’s Semi Final. While the legal process takes its course, it would not be appropriate for him to continue in the Contest.

    We would like to make it clear that, contrary to some media reports and social media speculation, this incident did not involve any other performer or delegation member.

    We maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards inappropriate behaviour at our event and are committed to providing a safe and secure working environment for all staff at the Contest. In light of this, Joost Klein’s behaviour towards a team member is deemed in breach of Contest rules.

    The Grand Final of the 68th Eurovision Song Contest will now proceed with 25 participating songs.


    Clarifications regarding the Voting process

    As a result of no participation from the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final the following will take effect: All contestants keep their number in the official Running Order. There will be NO song in position number 5. The jury results, received after Dress Rehearsal 2 on Friday 10 May have been recalculated so that the Netherlands will not receive any points. This is why all jury members have to rank all songs from 1 to 26.

    For example: if the Netherlands was ranked 9th by a national jury in a country the 10th ranked song is now ranked 9th and will receive 2 points and the former 11th ranked song is now 10th and gets 1 point. No points will be awarded to the Netherlands from the viewing public.

    Dutch viewers are still allowed to vote in the Grand Final and the Dutch Jury result in still valid. The EBU will inform all telecommunications partners that the Netherlands is no longer participating, and we will endeavor to block the lines for Song 5. We ask that no one attempts to vote for Song 5. Should anyone try to vote for song 5 their votes will not count but there is a possibly viewers may be charged. The Netherlands will not appear on the scoreboard.


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    Image: Sarah Louise Bennett/EBU