Netherlands: EBU releases new statement regarding Joost Klein's participation

Netherlands: EBU releases new statement regarding  Joost Klein's participation
Tuesday, 14 May 2024

  • The EBU has released an updated statement regarding the Dutch Eurovision 2024 participation and about Joost's disqualification from this year's contest. 

    It was just a few hours before the Live Grand Final show when the EBU had announced that the Dutch hopeful, Joost Klein will not take part in the Grand Final coming as shock to most of the Eurovision community, 

    Of course the story had started dominating the news one day before when the Dutch delegate was announced to go under an investigation regarsding inappropriate behaviour,  the act showed towards a female member of the production crew and who had already filed a compliant for this. 

    After ongoing speculations, rumors and drame on social media and news media outlets, followwing EBU's first statement, a second one came out explaining a little bit more of how the decision was made and how the process is progressing. 

    Namely the EBU's statement reads as following: 

    "The Dutch artist Joost Klein was disqualified from the Grand Final of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest following threatening behaviour directed at a female member of the production crew. Swedish police have investigated the offence, and the case will soon be handed over to the prosecutor in an accelerated procedure.

    Joost’s behaviour was in clear breach of Contest rules which are designed to ensure there is a safe working environment for all staff and to protect the production. We are not pre-judging the legal process but, given the circumstances of what occurred and the fact that the police case will shortly be handed to the prosecutor, it would not have been appropriate for Joost to participate in the Grand Final.

    The decision to exclude him was backed by the Contest’s governing body of Members – the Eurovision Song Contest Reference Group – and unanimously supported by the EBU Executive Board, following a thorough internal investigation.

    The version of events released in some public comments and on social media does not correspond with the statements shared with us and the Swedish Police by staff and witnesses. However, the matter is now subject to legal proceedings and there is unfortunately nothing further we can add at this stage.

    We have a zero-tolerance policy towards inappropriate behaviour at our events and will always take necessary action to address threats to staff – no matter who they come from."


    According to EBU's statement the decision was backed by the EBU Executive Board unanimously and all of the Eurovision Reference Group. The outcome of the case lays now in the hands of the prosecutor who will have the final say on where things are judicially heading. 

    The whole case with Joost Klein shook up the Eurovision Community with speculation dominating the news media and the arguement whether the decision of disqualification was suitable dividing the fans and media outlets. It seems there will be a lot more episodes to come as we still don't know in details what exactly happened between Joost and the female member of the production crew. 


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    Image: Sarah Louise Bennet/ EBU