Switzerland: Gjon’s Tears will be back at Eurovision 2021

Switzerland: Gjon’s Tears will be back at Eurovision 2021
Friday, 20 March 2020

  • The EBU’s decision to cancel this year’s Eurovision was accepted by acts with mixed feelings. However several countries are already clearing out if they will continue with the same acts in Eurovision 2021 or not. Among them Swiss ESC 2020 act,  Gjon’s Tears, has been confirmed for Eurovision 2021! 







    Through a post on his instagram account Gjon’s Tears confirmed that he will be returning in Eurovision 2021 representing Switzerland.

    The Swiss act was selected through an internal selection format based on a 21 member international jury and a 100 membered audience panel. The International jury cosnsited of Ruth Lorenzo (Spain 2014)  Tinkara Kovač (Slovenia 2014), Ovidiu Jacobsen (Romania 2010&2014),Helga Möller (member of Icytrio , Iceland 1986)  and Alexey Gross (3 times national finalist in Belarus). In Rotterdam he was set to perform his song  Répondez-moi

    However, after today EBU’s announcement that Eurovision 2020 entries will not be eligible to compete in next year’s edition he will come up with a new song to represent Switzerland.