Czech Republic: Seven contestants to take part in the national final ESCZ 2022

Czech Republic: Seven contestants to take part in the national final ESCZ 2022
Monday, 29 November 2021

  • A total of 7 acts will compete in the Czech national final, ESCZ, that will determine Czech Republic's Eurovision 2022 hopeful. 

    With the Czech national final just around the corner the organisers through an instagram post have shed light on the upcoming competition that will select the country's Eurovision 2022 representative. 

    A total of 7 finalists will take the stage during ESCZ with the female acts this year predominating. The candidates will compete all with recorded  performances in the form of Live on Tape, similar to ESC - live main vocals, background music playback. In addition an image of the stage on which the on tape performances will take place has been released. 

    On December 6, 2021 at 1 pm a special press conference all the finalists will be presented along with the creative team behind this year's national selection.   According to the organisers the genre selection of the finalists is even more diverse than in 2020 as very "artsy" ballads to very hard guitars are among the competng entries. 

    Regarding the Voting process, the audience again, will have the opportunity to vote through the official Eurovision app, but it will also be possible to use the web interface, a new feature in the process of voting.  Voting will be again free. The final outcome will be determined 50% by international jurors, 25% by international fans and 25% Czech fans. 

    Voting will be open from 7 to 15 December while the the winner will be decalred on  16 December.


    Czech Republic in Eurovision

    Czech Republic appeared for the first time in the Contest in 2007 with  Kabat. A a row of disappointing results the country withdrew in 2010 and didn’t return until 2016. In 2016 its return was followed by a grand final qualification for the first time . The best result came for the country in 2018 with  Mikolas Josef who achieved a top 10 placing by finishing  6th , in  Lisbon with his entry Lie to me.

    In 2019, Lake Malawi represented the country and finished 11th in the final . This was the country’s third qualification to the final . The outstanding element was the gap between the jury voting that placed the group 8th with 150 points while the public vote placed the Czech at the 24th place.

    In 2020 Benny Cristo was selected to represent the country with his song "Kemama" but as this year's contest was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic his Eurovision 2020 journey remained incomplete.  However the Czech hopeful had the chance to reach his Eurovision destination in 2021 with his song 'Omaga', but despite his energetic semi final 2 performance in Rotterdam failed to reach the Grand final show. 


    News Source: ESCZ

    Image: ESCZ Intagram