France: Eurovision 2022 representative to be determined through a national selection

France: Eurovision 2022 representative to be determined through a national selection
Monday, 03 May 2021

  • Alexandra Redde-Amiel, the French Head of Delegation has revealed that the country will be holding a national selection in order to determine next year's Eurovision 2022 representative. 

    Within an interview to  the French HoD,  Alexandra Redde-Amiel, confirmed that the national broadcaster will stick with this year's Eurovision national selection format to select the Eurovision 2022 act and entry. 

    Answering to a question if the 2021 format will return she said: 

    "Yes, this format will be repeated next year, and we are very happy about it!"

    And went on saying about the format of Eurovision France: c’est vous qui décidez’:

    Today, what convinced us is the event organization of the competition and this selection for an evening, with a real and beautiful mobilization of the French as a result. It is always interesting to look at the structure of the audience and we realized that it was a family audience. There were very young viewers, others older: all the targets were present. Eurovision France makes it possible to mobilize France by saying "now, the choice is yours!" ". We are extremely satisfied. There are of course areas for improvement, especially since we went on a real live without having done a pilot, so you might as well tell you that the stress was present! We spotted a few tweaks, little things to review, maybe in the mechanics. Everything can be improved, we are going to refine the whole, but without completely changing it, because we are very proud of the result.

    Eurovision France: c’est vous qui décidez’ was held for the first time this year with a total of 12 acts competing in the national final. It met satisfying viewing figures with an average of 2.37 million spectators tuning on the national selection show. The national selection show came as answer to last year's internal selection which saw wide critism against it. 


    France in Eurovision 

    France is  one of the seven countries that had its first participation back in 1956. Since then the country has won the contest 5 times. Last time was in 1977, with Marie Myriam and her song L’oiseau et l’enfant. The last two years, however,  seems to be an increasing interest for the contest .

    Destination Eurovision  was used for the first time as the country’s national selection format in 2018, including two recorded semi final shows and a live grand final. 2018 was the first time France held a nationa final since 2014. National final 2018 winners were the duo Madame Monsieur who represented France in Lisbon with their entry “Mercy” which finished 13th.

    In 2019 Bilal Hassani won the second edition of Destination Eurovision 2019 and defended the French colours in Tel Aviv with his entry Roi which came 16th in the Grand final.

    After that France Televisions went internal selecting Tom Leeb to represent the country in Rotterdam last May. Unfortunately his ESC 2020 journey never took place as the covid-19 pandemic caused the cancellation of this year's edition. 

    This year Barbara Pravi won the nationa final with her song 'Voila' and will defend the French colors in Rotterdam performing int the Grand final on May 22, 2021. 


    News Source" eurovoix


    Image:  France Télévisions