Eurovision 2024: Facts and trivia of this year's contest

Eurovision 2024: Facts and trivia of this year's contest
Thursday, 16 May 2024

  • The Eurovision 2024 has passed in the book of history writing down its own facts and trivia marking this year's edition. 

    With the lights going off and the glitter and dust settling down that's go and dive in some of this year's figures and facts. 

    We have gathered some of the facts and trivia that we spotted in this year's Eurovision Song Contest that made it an edition to remember for apart from the usual and obvious facts as the contestants, the performances and the winner. 


    First time facts 

    Each contest of course is different with a variety of facts and details giving a diversity of colors to each edition. Some of the trivia that cathces the attention has to do with things that come up for the very first time. Therefore, which facts appeared for the first time this year in Malmo: 

    - Umpleasant to start with but it was the first time a particpating country was disqualified during the contest, as the Dutch delegate Joost was literally thrown out of the final show. 

    - Nemo's  victory with the song 'The Code' representing Switzerland marked the first time a non-binary person wins the competition in the contest's history. 

    - It's the first time the winner receives the lowest amount of televoting points since the new voting system was issued. 

    - It's the first time Croatia finished second in the contest with Baby Lasagna bringing their best result since they have joined the Eurovision family after their 4th place back in 1996 and 1999. 

    - For the first time since 2013, a non-Big 5 country (or host country) finishes in last place in the final.

    - For the first time ever, 3 countries received more than 300 points from the public.  Namely Croatia, Israel and Ukraine received  337, 323 and 307 points respectively. 

    - Denmark in now the new countrry of the longest non-qualifying period with four years in a row ( last time in the final was in 2019). Before Latvia and Georgia held the record with seven years of non-qualification but this year advanced to the finals. 

    - Israel holds now the largest point difference between juries and televoting (271 points). The previous record was held by Norway with Keiino in 2019 (251 points).


    Second time facts

    Iceland finished last in the semi-final, for the 2nd time in its history (2018 was the first).

    - It is the second time in a row that Malta has finished last in the semi-final.

    - Iceland and Azerbaijan did not qualify for the final for the 2nd time in a row.

    - This was the 2nd time for Greece to finish in 11th place. The first time was 50 years ago with Marinella sinigng 'Krasi, Thalassa kai to agori mou'  ("Wine, Sea and My Boy" ) back in 1974.

    - None of the 2nd time returning acts made it to the finals as both Hera Bjork and Natalia Barbu did not qualify to the finals. 


     It's number #3

    - With this victory Switzerland reached Italy, Denmark, Norway and Ukraine in victories, all of them with a total of 3 trophies in the contest's history.

    - Switzerland's Nemo managed to collect the 3rd highest score ever recorded in the competition (591 points). Salavdor Sobral continues to lead the way since 2017 (758 points).

    - The UK, for the 3rd time ever, receives zero points from the public (2003, 2021 and 2024).

    - San Marino and Malta did not qualify for the final for the 3rd time in a row.


    Other trivia

    Ukraine remains the only country that has never been eliminated from the final since the semi-finals were introduced in 2004.

    - Nemo received 22 sets of 12 points from the 37 national juries, while the out of 37 televoting countries 35 voted for Israel. 

    - Norway finished last in the final for the 12th time in its history: 1963, 1969, 1974, 1976, 1978, 1981, 1990, 1997, 2001, 2004, 2012 and 2024.

    Portugal managed to reach the final for the 4th consecutive year along with Finland and Lithuania while Switzerland qualfied for the fifth time in a row. Norway has the impressive consecutive 7 years of qualifying to the finals. 

    - It was the best televoting result for Greece with Marina's 8th place since 2013 again in Malmo when the nation came 4th with Koa Mostra and Agathonas. 



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