Bulgaria: Six potential 2021 Eurovision entries for Victoria; 'Ugly Cry" one of them!

Bulgaria: Six potential 2021 Eurovision entries for Victoria; 'Ugly Cry
Saturday, 21 November 2020

  • Among six songs will Bulgaria select internally its Eurovision 2021 entry, the song that Victoria will perform in Rotterdam At next year's Eurovision. 

    The Bulgarian ESC 2021 hopeful, talking to BNT,revealed that the potential Eurovision 2021 entries could add up to six songs, among which she will select the one for Rotterdam. The talented act also confirmed that her newly released singl 'Ugly Cry' is one of the songs running for the internal selection.

    'Ugly Cry' is the result of a television camp in London, which took place in January. It was made in four hours and can be the Bulgarian song for "Eurovision". Victoria explained that she is working on two more songs and it is not clear yet.

    According to her, many people can recognize themselves in the song.

    "I'm brought up not to exalt myself too much when I do things I like, but rather to stand on the ground, of course, to pat myself on the shoulder, but also to tell myself that I need more."

    Specifically she stated:

    "If I had to do what is heard in Bulgaria and wanted in Bulgaria, maybe I wouldn't succeed as much as now. Because now I risk constantly, I risk being insulted - for example, because I make music in English, not in Bulgarian, but for me, music has a universal language ."

    Victoria's potential Eurovision song has a hidden message. The story itself shows both sides of things - you may be down, you may be up, but in the end you make the choice - and this is the ultimate message that you do not choose either - you do not choose to be the person flying in the clouds, nor the one who creates without being noticed.


    Bulgaria in Eurovision 

    Bulgaria debuted in ESC in 2005 in Kiev. The Balkan country has already 12 participations in the contest and has made it to the Grand Final show only 3 times. in 2007 represented by Elitsa and Stoyan (5th place), in 2016 it was Poli Genova (4th place) and in 2017 Kristian Kostov was the runner up.

    Bulgaria’s last participation, after 2019 withdrawal, was in 2018 with Equinox and their entry “Boneswhich finished 14th in the Grand final.

    This year Victoria Georgieva was selected by BNT to represent the country at Eurovision 2020 with her song “Tears Getting Sober”. Although Victoria’s Eurovision 2020 journey was interrupted by the cancellation due to the covid-19 outbreak, the female act will have a second chance to represent the country next year as BNT confirmed that it will stick with its ESC 2020 hopeful.


    Source: BNT.bg