Today: Junior Eurovision 2020 acts' press conference, dress rehearsals and Jury final take place

Today: Junior Eurovision 2020 acts' press conference, dress rehearsals and Jury final take place
Saturday, 28 November 2020

  • The Junior Eurovision 2020 week is progressing to its final phase as one day before the final live show the national juries cast their votes. 

    With the jury final being the highlight of today's program the day includes rehearsal of the interval acts that will perform live tomorrow and the custommary press conference with all the participating acts.


    This is how today's JESC 2020 schedule will unfold: 



    Acts' Press conference ( 14:30 CET) 

    This afternoon, at 14:30 CET the press conference with all the competing acts will take place. The custommary press conference one day before the live show will last about one hour and see all 12 participating acts attend the event. The 12 acts this year will attend the press conference remotely from their home countries. 

    You can watch the whole event live on the following link: 


    2020 Junior Eurovision Jury Final ( 17:00 CET) 

    One day before the show, the national juries, formed by three adults and two children , will have the chance to watch the 12 performances and cast their votes which will count as the 50% of the overall voting. As all the performances have been pre -recorded there will be no live show on their screens but the juries will watch the same videos that will be broadcast tomorrow afternoon during the live show. 

    The results of the national juries will be announced tomorrow by each country's spokesperson during the live show and count as the 50% of the overall result. The other 50% is determined by the online voting. 

    This year a total of 12 competing countries will take place as following: 

    1. Germany: Susan – “Stronger With You”
    2. Kazakhstan: Karakat Bashanova – “Forever”
    3. Netherlands: Unity – “Best Friends”
    4. Serbia: Petar Aničić – “Heartbeat”
    5. Belarus: Arina Pehtereva – “Aliens”
    6. Poland: Ala Tracz – “I’ll Be Standing”
    7. Georgia: Sandra Gadelia – "You Are Not Alone"
    8. Malta:  Chanel Monseigneur – “Chasing Sunsets”
    9. Russia: Sofia Feskova – “My New Day”
    10. Spain: Soleá – “Palante”
    11. Ukraine: Oleksandr Balabanov – “Vidkryvay”
    12. France: Valentina – “J’imagine”

    You can find more details on this year's 12 contestants and their entries in our previous post.

    The final show of Junior Eurovision 2020 is set to begin on November 29 at 17:00 CET while the voting will open on Friday, November 27 at 20:00 CET.