Eurostream 2020: Here are the second semi final results

Eurostream 2020: Here are the second semi final results
Friday, 08 May 2020

  • Eurostream 2020 saw its second semi final show take place last evening determining the second set of 10 spots of the final round . 

    Depsite the disappoitmenting cancellation of Eurovision 2020 due to the coronavirus outbreak, the initial shock was left behind and all involved entitites are trying to make the best out of the unprecedent situation.  fAmong them several fan media outlets decided to run an alternative online version of the contest : Eurostream 2020! 

    Eurostream 2020 sees the 41  ESC 2020 competing countries that were to take part in this year’s cancelled Eurovision Song Contest. The competition will run entirely online and will consist of three parts of live streaming , on 5, 7 and 9 May, just as in the real Eurovision contest.  The 41 countries will compete in two semi final rounds ( 5 and 7 May) according to the draw allocation taken place earlier in January. 10 countries from each semi final will advance to the Grand final, where they will join last year’s winner, The Netherlands, and the Big-5 countries ( France, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany), just exactly as in real Eurovision.


    Second Semi Final Results

    In this second heat we saw the first ESC semi final countries compete while a jury determined 50% of the vote with the fans casting  their votes for 3 to 5 entries determining the rest 50% of the score. In semi final 1 competed the following countries:

    • San Marino – Senhit – "Freaky!"
    • Austria –Vincent Bueno – "Alive"
    • Greece –Stefania – "SUPERG!RL"
    • Estonia – Uku Suviste – "What Love Is"
    • Iceland – Daði & Gagnamagnið – "Think About Things"
    • Moldova – Natalia Gordienko – "Prison"
    • Poland – Alicja Szemplińska – "Empires"
    • Serbia – Hurricane – "Hasta la vista"
    • Czech Republic – Benny Cristo – "Kemama"
    • Albania – Arilena – "Fall From the Sky"
    • Armenia – Athena Manoukian – "Chains on You"
    • Bulgaria – Victoria – "Tears Getting Sober"
    • Georgia – Tornike Kipiani – "Take Me As I Am"
    • Denmark – Ben & Tan – "YES"
    • Switzerland – Gjon’s Tears – "Répondez-moi"
    • Latvia –Samanta Tīna – "Still Breathing"
    • Portugal – Elisa – "Medo de sentir"
    • Finland – Aksel – "Looking Back"

    10 countries qualified to the final . Along with the 10 qualifiers the running order draw took place determining in which place the qualifying entries will appear in the final round.


    Georgia (will appear 25th in the final)

    Greece (will appear 5th in the final)

    Albania (to appear 15th in the final)

    Iceland (to apear 18th in the final)

    Denmark (to appear 4th in the final)

    Armenia (to appear 24th in the final)

    Switzerland (to appear 1st in the final)

    Serbia (to appear 7th in the final)

    Bulgaria (to appear 10th in the final)

    Austria (to appear 9th in the final)

    The 2nd semi final qualifiers will join the 10 semi final 1 qualifiers along with the Big-5 countries and The Netherlands in the grand final round. Thus the final line up and running order of Eurostream 2020  grand final has as following:

    Δεν υπάρχει διαθέσιμη περιγραφή για τη φωτογραφία.

    In case you missed out tonight's 2nd semi final you can watch it in the following video:

    The Grand final of Eurostream 2020 is set for this Saturday at 21:00 CET.