Eurovision 2024 Live from Malmö: Semi-final 1 Dress rehearsals and jury voting take place

Eurovision 2024 Live from Malmö: Semi-final 1 Dress rehearsals and jury voting take place
Monday, 06 May 2024

  • The primary Eurovision 2024 week has commenced with the two Semi-final one dress rehearsals taking place in Malmo Arena along with the jury voting. 

    As Eurovision week is unwinding ,this evening the Jury rehearsal show for the Semi Final 1 competing acts will take place in Malmo Arena. 

    The 15 competing acts will take the stage in addition with the pre-qualified finalists from Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom. All acts will perform entries which will be watched by the 18 national juries.

    The Jury show in the past edition was of significant importance as the jury votes counted as the 50% of the score with the rest 50% been deteremined by the televoting. Howerver, this no longer the case as the jury voting in the Semi-Finals this year will only be used unless a valid audience vote has not been recorded or needs to serve as  a valid voting results.  

     photo credit: Sarah Louise Bennett/ EBU

    This evening's juring show will not be broadcaster live or can the onsite press film any part of the show as it's exclusively aired for the national juriies. Addtionally a dress rehearsal is set for 15:00 CET which is accessable to the press and will give one more opportunity to the competing acts to get even more prepared for tomorrow's live show.  


    Rest of the World Voting

    Int this year's edition the Rest of the World fans will have a say in the outcome of the show. In order to sychronize the different time zones,  the Rest of the World online vote will open from the end of the Jury Show this evening. The vote will be open until the end of the voting window during the live broadcast of Semi-Final One on May 7.

    Fans from non participating countries will have the chance to cast their votes once the prewatch a clip of all of the cometing entries. Voting will cost 0.99 Euro per vote and can be carried out at


    Running order

    Here is the running order for tonight's show:

    1. Cyprus – Silia Kapsis – “Liar”
    2.  Serbia – Teya Dora – “Ramonda”
    3.  Lithuania – Silvester Belt – “Luktelk”
    4.  Ireland – Bambie Thug – “Doomsday Blue”
    5.  Ukraine – Alyona Alyona and Jerry Heil – “Teresa & Maria”
    6.  Poland – Luna – “The Tower”
    7.  Croatia – Baby Lasagna – “Rim Tim Tagi Dim”
    8.  Iceland  – Hera Björk – “Scared of Heights”
    9.  Slovenia – Raiven – “Veronika”
    10.  Finland – Windows95man – “No Rules!”
    11.  Moldova – Natalia Barbu – “In the Middle”
    12.  Azerbaijan – Fahree feat. Ilkin Dovlatov – “Özünlə apar”
    13.  Australia – Electric Fields – “One Milkali (One Blood)”
    14.  Portugal – Iolanda – “Grito”
    15.  Luxembourg – Tali – “Fighter”

    You can always check out the official recap from the rehearsals of the 15 competing entries of the first semi final and have a taste what to expect this evening: 


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