Poland: It's Alicja Szemplińska to Eurovision 2020

Poland: It's  Alicja Szemplińska to Eurovision 2020
Sunday, 23 February 2020

  • The Polish national selection concluded today with the final show of Szansa na Sukces 2020 . Big winner was Alicja Szemplińska who will represent the country in Rotterdam singing "Empires" .

    This year TVP decided to choose its Eurovision 2020 hopeful through the show “Szansa na sukces 2020″. The show consists of 3 semi final rounds, during which we saw  7 acts compete. In each show there was a special guest, some songs of which will be performed by the competing acts. A special three member jury formed by past Eurovision participants, Cleo (Poland 2014), Michał Szpak (Poland 2016) and Gromee (Poland  2018) , determined the three acts that qualified to the final.

    The three acts that won the ticket to the final were Kasia Dereń , Alicja Szemplińska and Albert Černý

    The three finalist performed an original song , which was their music proposal for Eurovision 2020 and one old Eurovision entry. The past Eurovision entries performed during the final were:

    Kasia Dereń - Satellite (Lena – Germany 2010 - 1st place)
    Alicja Szemplińska - Euphoria (Loreen – Sweden 2012 – 1st place)
    Albert Černý - Fairytale (Alexander Rybak – Norway 2009 – 1st place)

    The three original songs that the three finalists sang on stage and were their candidte Eurovision 2020 entries were:


    The final outcome was determined by public voting (50%) and by a the show's jury (50%) [Cleo -Michał Szpak - Gromee]. Alicja Szemplińska topped both votings and will be the next Polish Eurovision rerpesentative in Rotterdam with her entry "Empires" . Take a look at the overall scoreboard below: 

    Θέση Καλλιτέχνης Τραγούδι Επιτροπές Televoting Σύνολο
    1 Alicja Szemplińska “Empires” 5 5 10
    2 Albert Černý “Lucy” 3 3 6
    3 Kasia Dereń “Count On Me” 1 1 2