#EurovisionAgain: Tonight the fan rewatch party returns with one more classic Eurovision Song Contest

#EurovisionAgain: Tonight the fan rewatch party returns with one more classic Eurovision Song Contest
Saturday, 17 July 2021

  • The fan inspired rewatch party #EurovisionAgain returns this evening for its second episode of the third season at  21:00 CEST on the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel 

    The rewatch party series #Eurovisionagain that kept the ESC fans company during last year's hard covid-19 lockdown periods has returned with a new round of series. This  new season of the re-watch parties hits the screen every  third-Saturday of each month in 2021.

    The #EurovisionAgain broadcasts will unwind until next November leading us just before the next Junior Eurovision Song Contes takes place in Paris and the next national selection season for Eurovision 2022 kicks off. The Contests could be any of those available from the archives of Eurovision.tv or previous Host Broadcasters – and the year isn’t revealed until 15 minutes prior to it premiering on the official Eurovision YouTube channel.

    With the first episode streamed on June 19 with the 1969 edition of the Eurovision song contest  today follows the second episode with another classic Eurovision Song Contest. Thus,  tune on the  Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel at 21:00 CEST to watch and enjoy another competition of th past followed by another exciting fan online voting on Twitter that will confirm or overturn the actual voting results. 



    The Story So Far

    The first to launch such initiative, was a group of fans that uploaded past events, while EBU followed through its official Eurovision Youtube Channel. The idea was implemented as COVID-19 restrictions led to national lockdowns and the eventual cancellation of the Eurovision Song Contest. Once the competing part of the contest is over, the audience has had the chance to cast its votes and make up a new result for each edition.

    #Eurovision Again gives the chance to all Eurovision fans to watch once again past editions of the Eurovision Song Contests and enjoy the Eurovision party feeling from each contest and feel the joy and excitement of the contest without any interruptions.

    So far here is which editions have the fans been able to rewatch again: 


    • Madrid 1969



    • Brighton 1974

    • The Hague 1976


    • Gothenburg 1985

    • Dublin 1988


    • Zagreb 1990

    • Rome 1991

    • Dublin 1997

    • Birmingham 1998

    • Jerusalem 1999


    • Riga 2003

    • Kiev 2005

    • Athens 2006

    • Helsinki 2007

    • Belgrade 2008

    • Moscow 2009


    • Malmo 2013

    • Copenhagen 2014

    • Vienna 2015

    • Stockholm 2016

    • Lisbon 2018


    News source/Image: Eurovision.tv