#EurovisionAgain: Ireland's Johnny Logan wins again the online voting for the 1980 contest

#EurovisionAgain: Ireland's Johnny Logan wins again the online voting for the 1980 contest
Sunday, 18 July 2021

  • The 2nd episode of the third season of the rewatch party series #Eurovisionagain, hit the screen last evening with the 1980 edition, the after online voting of which saw Ireland's Johnny Logan triumph with his song 'What's another year'. 

     The rewatch party series #Eurovisionagain that kept the ESC fans company during last year's hard covid-19 lockdown periods returned last evening for the third season's 2nd episode.

    The first to launch such initiative, was a group of fans that uploaded past events, while EBU followed through its official Eurovision Youtube Channel. The idea was implemented as COVID-19 restrictions led to national lockdowns and the eventual cancellation of the Eurovision Song Contest. Once the competing part of the contest is over, the audience has the chance to cast its votes and make up a new result for each edition.


    The 1980 edition

    Last evening's #EurovisionAgain re-broadcast the historic edition of 1980.  Israeli TV did not pick up the chance to host the Eurovision Song Contest after Israel's victory in Jerusalem in 1979. Instead the contest was hosted by Dutch broadcaster NOS in The Hague. NOS chose 19 April as the date for the Contest, but as this was the Holocaust Memorial Day in Israel, the defending champion decided not to participate which marked the only time when the winner of one Eurovision Song Contest did not participate in the next. Notably in thi year's contest  Morocco made it debut and one and only participation with Samira.


    The online voting results

    The online fan voting that took place via the #EurovisionAgain Twitter Account after the rebroadcast declared as winner Ireland's Johnny Logan with the song "What's Another Year" while second came the hsot country, Netherlands with Maggie Macneal and her song 'Amsterdam'. The most impressive placing though was Morocco's 3rd place with Samira who climbed 15 places from the actual results. 


    Here is the overall scoreboard after last evening's fan online voting: 



    The online voting has several ups and downs in comparison to the actual results back in 1980. Check below the differences for all countries: 

    1. Johnny Logan (Ireland) - "What's Another Year"    (-)
    2. Katja Ebstein (Germany) - "Theater"   (-2)
    3. Prima Donna (United Kingdom) - "Love Enough for Two"  (-10)
    4. Paola (Switzerland) -  "Cinéma"  (-5)
    5. Maggie MacNeal (Netherlands) - "Amsterdam"  (+3)
    6. Alan Sorrenti (Italy)  - "Non so che darei" (-10)
    7. José Cid (Portugal) - "Um grande, grande amor" (-4)
    8. Blue Danube (Austria) - "Du bist Musik"  (-11)
    9. Sophie & Magaly (Luxembourg) -"Papa pingouin"  (+2)
    10. Tomas Ledin (Sweden) - "Just nu!"  (-5)
    11. Profil (France) - "Hé, hé, m'sieurs dames"  (-1)
    12. Trigo Limpio (Spain) - "Quédate esta noche"  (-2)
    13. Anna Vissi and the Epikouri (Greece) - "Autostop" (+3)
    14. Bamses Venner (Denmark) - "Tænker altid på dig"  (-3)
    15. Ajda Pekkan (Turkey) -  "Pet'r Oil"  (+9)
    16. Sverre Kjelsberg & Mattis Hætta (Norway) - "Sámiid ædnan" (+8)
    17. Telex (Belgium)  - "Euro-Vision"   (+12)
    18. Samira Bensaïd (Morocco) -  "Bitaqat Hub"  (+15)
    19. Vesa-Matti Loiri (Finland) -  "Huilumies" (+1)


    Below you can watch the ESC 1980 winner Johnny Logan share with us his memories of his first Eurovision victory, out of the total three he has achieved over the years. 


    News Source: Eurovision.tv/ ESC Youtube channel/ Eurovisionagain Twitter

    Cover photo: ESC Youtube