Italy: Blanco's new song 'Nostalgia' is out!

Italy: Blanco's new song 'Nostalgia' is out!
Monday, 06 June 2022

  • Blanco, the Italian Eurovision 2022 representative as part of the duo with Mahmood, has released his follow up new single 'Nostalgia'. 

    Blanco is back with some new music and after Turin's 'Brividi' now he is going nostalgic with his new single 'Nostalgia'. Blanco's new pop song features a mixture of punk and rock vibes combined with aggressive tones but still delivering within an emotional frame which fans had adored in the performance of 'Brividi'. 

    Along with the song the respective music video has been released , totally in black and white color showing Blanco singing on city rooftops. The black and white swithcing color of the video served what the title 'Nostalgia' leaving the feeling of travelling back in time. 


    A few words for Blanco

    Riccardo Fabbriconi  known professionally as Blanco, is an Italian singer and rapper born on  10 February 2003 in  Brescia.On 9 June 2020, he released his EP Quarantine Paranoid on SoundCloud After being signed by Universal, he debuted with the studio album Blu celeste on 10 September 2021, which peaked at number one of FIMI's album chart and was certified quadruple platinum.His most successful song to date, "Mi fai impazzire" with Sfera Ebbasta, topped the Italian singles chart for eight weeks and was certified sextuple platinum in Italy.


    Blanco in Eurovision 2022

    Joining forces with Italy ESC 2019 ruuner up, Mahmood, the duo participated in Sanremo Festival 2022 with the song 'Brividi' winning the iconic festival and went off in Turin representing the hosting nation on home soil. Blanco appeared with Mahmood 9th in the Grand final and achieved an honorable 6th placing with 268 points on the overall scoreboard. 

    Among other records, 'Brividi'  achieved a four times platinum certificationand reached the top 5 song globally after its release.



    News Source/Image: Blanco