Italy: Listen to Diodato's new track "Un'altra estate" composed during the lockdown period

Italy: Listen to Diodato's new track
Wednesday, 27 May 2020

  • Diodato, the Italian act that captivated Europe with his superb song "Fai Rumore" is back with his new single, "Un'altro estate".

    Diodato continues a very special year, from the victory of the Sanremo Festival with the superb "Fai Rumore"  and his ourstanding performance of it in the empty Arena di Verona during the televised show "Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light' to his new single Un'altro estate" which was composed during the lockdown period and isn't inlcluded in Diodato's latest album  “Che vita meravigliosa”. 

    "Un'altra estate" (Another Summer) is a song with warm and evocative sounds that seems to want to tell the inevitable natural explosion of a summer now almost emotionally unexpected. As it was composed during the lockdown period in Italy the winner of Sanremo festival  felt the need to create new music, to give meaning and value to time, to the emotions he experienced, putting his sensations and reflections black and white. The Italian act stated on his work: 

    "One of the things that impressed and intrigued me most in this lockdown period was what my window showed. Forced to stay at home, I let my gaze wander over the city landscape that glimmer painted. I have seen the last days of winter already telling the spring that would come, while in our hearts there remained a painful cold, a frost that still struggles to melt now. Nature went on despite our absence and thanks to it it regained its spaces, its scents. A powerful and at the same time motionless spring seemed to want to encourage us, almost to tease in a cruel way or perhaps just to show us the way to return with a different awareness."

    The piece tells of a suspended normality and a changing everyday life, speaks of the rhythms of an almost asleep or in any case postponed life, of the sensations of those who look at life from a window looking for a how or a why in a new horizon. 

    The song was produced remotely, with the staff working between Milan and Rome, with the musicians connected through technological platforms.

    A few words about Diodato

    Diodato (born Antonio Diodato, 30 August 1981) is an Italian singer-songwriter. He has released two studio albums, E forse sono pazzo  and A ritrovar bellezza . In 2014 he participated in the Sanremo Music Festival and won the MTV Italian Music Awards for Best New Generation, The Deezer Band Of The Year Award and the Fabrizio de André Award. he won this year’s Sanremo festival on his thrid participation in the competion. Recently his latest song  “Che vita meravigliosa” ,which is the title of his latest album, contained in the soundtrack of the film "The goddess of luck" by Ferzan Ozpetek , received the David di Donatello Award. 

    The act even though he earned the right to represent Italy at Eurovision 2020, never had the chance to perform in Rotterdam as the contest was cancelled due to the covid-19 outbreak. With the next Sanremo festival dates uncertain we will have to wait and see whether Diodato will participate again in the music competition. 


    photo cover: Youtube