San Marino: Senhit covers ESC song "Bandido" for her #FreakyTripToRotterdam

San Marino: Senhit covers ESC song
Saturday, 01 May 2021

  • Senhit, San Marino's Eurovision 2021 act, has released a new video covering the past Spanish 1990 Eurovision entry "Bandido" for her #FreakyTripToRotterdam project. 

    The Sammarinese broadcaster was one of the first to confirm that their Eurovision 2020 hopeful will be back in 2021, inviting  Senhit to complete her Eurovision journey to Rotterdam next May. 

    Senhit has be running over the last months her project #FreakyTripToRotterdam , during which she has been presenting on monthly basis a video of a past Eurovision entry. This time she has released her 11th  video covering the Spanish entry for Eurovision 1990, the entry "Bandido" performed in Zagreb by sister duo Azúcar Moreno which finished in 5th place. The song was written by Raúl Orellana, Jaime Stinus and José Luis Abel

    The video which you can watch it below has been directed under the guidance of Luca Tommassini.

    For more covess by Senhit you can always visit Senhit official Youtube Channel.


    Senhit in Eurovision

    Senhit was internally selected to represent San Marino at Eurovision 2020 with entry ‘Freaky’ which was selected via an online song selection process. However the contest was cancelled due to the covid-19 pandemic and the act never had the chance to reach the Eurovision stage in Rotterdam. 

    After the cancellation Senhit was one of the first acts to be confirmed as a returning hopeful for this year's contest. The Sammarinese representative will compete in the second semi final on May 20, 2021 in Rotterdam Ahoy where she'll be opening the competing part of the show with her song "Adrenalina".