Spain: Miki Núñez releases his second album ‘Iceberg’

Spain: Miki Núñez releases his second album ‘Iceberg’
Friday, 20 November 2020

  • The Spanish Eurovision 2019 act, Miki Núñez, has releaed his second album titled 'Iceberg' , that follows his successful debut album ‘Amuza‘ .

    The Spanish singer Miki Núñez has published his second album this Friday, "Iceberg" , with which he wants to make an analogy with "everything that involves a lot of work but of which sometimes only a small part is seen or taught, the tip of the iceberg, " reports Global Music record company.

    It is an album that supposes a musical continuity with respect to his first album, "Amuza", and also a graphic one, which he captures on the album cover, where the red thread present on the cover of "Amuza" now covers the tip of the iceberg to "show everything behind". While his first album topped the Spanish Charts, his new work can easily surpass he's previous one with Miki showcasing again his talent and musical diversity, 


    "Iceberg", produced between Paco Salazar and David Rosell, is a pop rock album "full of energy" in which Miki Núñez "sings to life" in optimistic songs where "he lets himself be carried away by what he feels and by his influences purer musicals "and tells stories of third parties or fiction that go beyond itself. Uptempo songs, urging you to follow their rhythm and to dance to, outstanding ballads, playing with the lyrism in Spanish and Catalan lyrics. 

    Ahead of the album released we got a small tasted of what was coming on October 23  when he dropped the single "Viento y Vida"a collaboration with the pop-rock band Despistaos, in which he showcases the rock side of himself.In addition, the new album includes "Me Vale", the song he composed during covid-19 quarantine period and whose video clip, which the singer himself recorded at home, has already accumulated more than 5 million views on YouTube.

    This song was one of the most listened to during confinement along with "Escriurem", which earned him the award for "Best song" at the Enderrock Awards , in which he also won "Best New Artist."

    You can find his new album in the following platform: 


    About Miki 

    Miki was born on January 6,1996 in Barcelona. He began his music career as the leading vocalist of the group Dalton Bang which usually performed covers of other known songs. In September 2018  he participates in the Operación Triunfo talent show where he finishes in the 6th place. Through this participation he competes in the Spanish national final of  Eurovision Gala with two songs, the first one entitled La Venda which came 1st  and the second song entitled Nadie se salva which he performed with  Natalia Lacunza and came 3rd.

    In last year’s Spanish national final, Eurovision Gala,  a total of 10 songs were performed by 9 acts, who all came from the country’s talent show  Operación Triunfo, the show used in order to determine the Eurovision 2019 entry. The 22 yo Miki Núñez even though having finished 6th in Operación Triunfo show and despite not being in the top 3 songs of the online voting, the energetic and vivid way he delivered his entry won people’s preference, who crowned him winner of the Spanish national final with his song “La Venda”

    Miki represented Spain at Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv with his song  “La Venda” which despite Miki’s active and vivid performance on stage, finished 22nd in the grand final.