Go_A team up with Måneskin in a new upcoming track

Go_A team up with Måneskin in a new upcoming track
Monday, 19 July 2021

  • The ESC 2021 winners, Måneskin from Italy and the Ukrainian ESC 2021 hopefuls are joining forces in a new upcoming track. 

    Two of the most successful Eurovision 2021 acts, Italy's  Måneskin who have stormed the charts and streaming platforms across the world along with the Ukrainian electro-folk band Go_A are joining forces in a brand new songs that will shortly be released. Both of the bands have met post Eurovision worldwide success charting across the globe.

    The announcement of the collaboration was given by Go_A's leading vocalist, Kateryna Pavlenko, through the social networks :

    "The song in which we collaborated with Måneskin is ready, we are just waiting for the approval of our respective record companies."


    Go_A have been aiming to extensive collaborations with other ESC 2021 acts, as besides Maneskin they have already been in contact with The Roop from Lithuania while preliminary discussions have gone on with Switzerland's Gjon's Tears and Australia's Montaigne.


    Go_A in Eurovision

    Last year after two semi final rounds and a total of 16 candidates, the Ukrainian national final for Eurovision 2020, Vidbir 2020, crowned winner the group  Gо_A  and the entry “Solovey” . Unfortunately their Eurovision journey stayed incomplete as the contest was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

    The band was invited back for Eurovision 2021 in which they competed with the song 'Shum' which brought one more top 10 result for the nation finished in 5th place in the Grand final with a total of 364 points in the overall score.


    Måneskin in Eurovision

    The Italian rock band after winning the iconic Sanremo Festival back in March, went on in Rotterdam representing the country with their song 'Zitti e Buoni', which brought the Eurovision trophy in Italy after 31 years receiving a total of 524 points (with 206 of them coming from the national juries). Since their victory the road of ongoing success for the Maneskin has been becoming longer and longer, as apart from their winning entry several other songs are going viral across the globe, storming the charts and streaming platforms worldwide. 


    News Source: ESCXtra / Eurofestivalnews

    Image: Vanity fair photo /Go_A FB